MCO Visa Card how to top up

MCO Visa Card Top Up Doesnt work in Singapore

MCO Visa Card Top Up Doesnt work in Singapore. How to top up the MCO card when the direct top-up via debit/credit card is not working? find out the best way to do it in this post. 


The quick background story, because of the recent saga about the Wirecard, released the following statement: 

“Following a notice published by the FCA regarding Wirecard UK, we have been requested to stop all activity on our card programs in the UK and Europe. Our customers in those two regions will not be able to top-up their cards or transact.” 


Even though mentioned only in those two regions the top-up has been disabled but in fact, in Singapore, it doesn’t allow you to do any top-up. 

you can purchase crypto with your credit card-> exchange and load it into your card but the most efficient way is actually to use Xfers. 

Credit Card (MCO Visa Card Top Up Doesnt work)

  • 3.5% fee (MCO waived this till September 2020)
  • Bank Exchange Rate is bad 
  • Bank will charge you 2.5% – 3.5% transaction fee for foreign transaction 
  • There’s a possibility of cash advance feed 


  • Buy Crypto: 0.0% (sell 0.4%)
  • takes time to set up (first time) 
  • You need to go through KYC process and upload your selfie… 
  • Linking app tp Xfers takes time (1 – 2 days) 

Use Xfers to buy one of the following: BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, MCO and exchange the coin directly to MCO Visa Card 

Take note that XSGD can’t be used to top up MCO Visa Card 

Read the guide from here: How to use Xfers to buy Crypto 

If you don’t have any MCO VISA Card yet, here is a quick overview and register through my referral and get $50 worth of MCO

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