3 Ways To Maximize Syndicate Crypto Exchange


Before we deep dive into 3 ways to maximize syndicate crypto exchange, the “syndicate” is a fundraising event for newly listed coins in Crypto.com Exchange. The listing Project will provide an allocation of their token for sale to Crypto.com Exchange users with up to a 50% discount. All proceeds from the sale will be passed back to the Projects

Crypto.com Exchange users will be able to buy the Project Tokens only using CRO tokens. Maximum Allocation of Project Tokens will depend on CRO Staked.

Don’t get your hope too high, apart from the MCO visa card, now the crypto exchange is quite famous and always oversubscribed.


Oversubscription: If the total pledged amount is above the total project allocation, the user will receive a prorated amount based on the pledged amount.

DateCoinOversubscribedEst. Earning
Past Syndicate Event at Crypto.com Exchange

Real Life Case and Earning

Let’s take a real example for ADA subscription.

  • ADA 50% Syndicate
  • Contribution: 10000 CRO
  • Refunded CRO: 9825 CRO
  • ADA allocated: 452
  • 10K – 9825 = 175 CRO = 452 ADA (exchange rate as of 22 June 2020)

If I were to sell my ADA now (as for 22 June 1 ADA = 0.665 CRO), I’ll get 300 CRO and my total profit of 300 – 175 CRO is 125 CRO.

Total profit in USD = 125 CRO x 0.12 USD = 15 USD. the cost of CRO that you need to invest 10K (stacking) + 10K to join the subscription. 20K CRO = is about 2400 USD as for today.

The total return of 2400 USD investment = 15 USD 0.65%. too little? if you excluded the stack then it would be 1200 USD = 15 USD which is about 1.30% almost like the earning that was estimated from the table on top. the result could vary depending whether your exchange your coins and at which rate.

But don’t forget that you earned 20% per annual from your stacked CRO, paid daily that’s about 5.4 CRO daily = USD 0.65 per day or 19.5 USD per month. calculate the stake is 1200 USD = 15 USD = 1.3%

Very rough calculation: let’s say we’ve two syndication subscription per month, with
A. 0.65% per event
B. 20% per annual – stack interest of 10K CRO
C. the compound interest when you leave the CRO in the exchange. 5% per annual when there’s no event
*CRO = USD 0.12

1 year = A. $360 +B. $240 +$60 = $660. You can assume if you put USD 2400 and price of the CRO doesn’t change you’ll get $660 per year out of your $2400 investment.

you can refer to my earning history to see how much I’ve earned (in CRO) from the syndicate subcription in my other post: Crypto Exchange Syndicate Earning.

How to earn even more? you can earn even more by maximizing the syndicate as below.

3 ways to maximize syndicate crypto exchange

3 Ways To Maximize Syndicate Crypto

1. Convert back everything to CRO

maximize exchange crypto syndicate

Change back the coin from the subcription to the CRO. if you believe in the future of CRO this is what you can do and maximize the interest from crypto earn (point no 2)

2. Transfer the remaining CRO from Subcription to the Crypto earn in the app

maximize crypto exchange syndicate

Transfer the refunded CRO to the wallet and put inside the Crypto Earn. instead of only earning 5% in exchange you can get 14% per annual in the Crypo Earn Flexible. take a note that you need to leave 500 CRO when you withdraw else you’ll not get the interest. make sure you’ve enough CRO to go for the next subscription.

3. Use two Accounts with 2x10K CRO stacked instead of one account with 50K CRO stacked

maximize crypto exchange syndicate 2 accounts instead one

Use 2 Account to join the Syndicate instead of stacking your CRO to the next level to 50K CRO (2K USD allocation), use another account and you’ll get the same amount of allocation with the lower principal (2 accounts = 20K CRO = 2X1K USD allocation)

And also utilize the MCO card to get a better rate for the Crypto Earn. you can take a look at this link to know more about MCO card and don’t forget the MCO card bonus of $50 through this referral.

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