3 Basic Things You Need to know about MCO Visa Card and Crypto.com

It could be a little bit confusing at first when you take a look at what is MCO visa and their offering. Here are the 3 basic things to get you started at Crypto.com or MCO Visa Card. 

The company started in June 2016 with the vision of cryptocurrency in every wallet. Crypto.com is redefining how money is being moved, spent, and invested.

Crypto.com completed the MCO token sale in June 2017. The project is fully

funded. This is not a fundraising document.

1. MCO Visa Card (Apps and Credit Card)

For me, MCO Visa Card and the Crypto.com app are the heart of crypto.com, this opening a new world of cryptocurrency for non-savvy people. 

In the past, I was hesitant to invest in cryptocurrency because of the difficulties in transferring in and out cash from the exchange. With MCO card it’s very easy to “cash in” your coin, you just need to exchange it from the app and top up the MCO credit card (with a good rate as well). if you want, you can even withdraw from the ATM worldwide. 

Another game-changer that MCO Visa Card introduced is the cash rebate, free Netflix, Spotify, and lounge key (depends on the tier of the card). I always hate the credit card from the bank because they always change their rule: no crypto cashback, change the rebate amount and criteria, dealing with yearly fee waivers, etc. It’s been a year with MCO and they are consistence and I love their cash rebate which covers better categories compared to the bank’s credit card. 

Take a look at the benefit below, they recently added the prime membership for higher tiers. 


The sweet spot is the 3% cash rebate (you need to deposit 500 MCO, as for 6 June 2020 is equal to USD 2759). Not only important for the rebate and free Netflix but this tier has a higher interest rate in Crypto Earn. 

From Crypto.com apps, you can track Cryptocurrency, Buy/Sell Cryptocurrency (bank transfer – SEPA, Credit card, or Debit card). Take a look at the additional benefits: 

  • Crypto Invest
  • Crypto Credit
  • Crypto Earn 

Take a note that some benefit is not available in a certain country. e.g Crypt Earn is only available in 49 states in US 

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2. Crypto.com Exchange


Crypto.com Exchange is a Cryptocurrency exchange to trade digital assets on the most liquid and secure platform in the market through its web interface. It’s only available in the web browser and Crypto.com doesn’t have any 

The Exchange it’s like a broker (e.g interactive brokers) for stock exchange. different than the app that forces you to accept whatever crypto.com offers you while in exchange you can put your buying or selling price. during a quick test, I found that the exchange offers a better rate than the crypto.com app. you can also easily transfer from the crypto.com app to the crypto.com exchange. 

Crypto.com Exchange is powered by CRO (while the credit card is powered by MCO tokens) with additional utility and benefits:

  • Stake, Save & Earn: CRO Staking will provide generous discounts on trading fees, up to 100%. The more you stake, the more you save! Besides the trading discounts, CRO staked on Crypto.com exchange will yield 20% p.a.
  • The Syndicate – Priority Token Allocation in Discounted Sale Events: New digital assets will be listing on Crypto.com Exchange through “The Syndicate” – a Crypto.com fundraising platform. CRO holders will receive priority token allocation for these events.
  • CRO Trading Pairs: To increase liquidity of CRO ahead of Mainnet launch and enable low-spread settlement of cross-currency transactions, CRO will be paired with all coins listed on Crypto.com Exchange.

3. Crypto.com Wallet App


Crypto.com Wallet is a separate app, it’s not the same as the crypto.com app it’s an offline wallet. You get full access and control of your crypto private keys. You have complete legal and beneficial titles to your crypto when they are stored in the Crypto.com Wallet. 

With the Crypto.com Wallet, you can send crypto to anyone around the world at your preferred confirmation speed and network fee. 

Crypto.com App is a crypto asset brokerage that acts as a custodian and stores your crypto for you. Through the Crypto.com App, you can instruct us to handle your crypto on your behalf, but you do not control the private keys to your crypto. 

You’ll lose all the benefits that I mentioned in the first point if you are using the crypto.com wallet since this is your own wallet.

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